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MiiOne , anti-age water

Molecular Hydrogen

MiiOne is a hydrogen water generator. The addition of molecular hoxygen in the water for alimentary use activates the oxidation-reduction phenomenon, that allows us to obtain water that facilitates digestion and prevents the diffusion of free radicals. MiiOne is easy to use and it is potable thanks to its small dimensions. It can be used everywhere thanks to its rechargeable battery.

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Introducing MiiOne

Jocelyn tells us about the MiiOne project and about the importance of living an enlightening and stimulating experience for personal growth. Find out how to become a MiiOne Informant and live with us this exciting and rewarding story.

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Why MiiOne?

MiiOne is an ecological, healthy, sustainable, ethical and winning poject. Our mission is to know the world and respect it.

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Work of Art

With twenty years of work experience, we have managed to create this gem

Work of Art

With twenty years of work experience, we have managed to create this gem

You will love it.

MiiOne is much more than a hydrogenated water producer, it is literally a work of art. Its design, elegant and defined, was created by Jocelyn Hattab. The well-known anchor has worked a jewel of beauty and perfection to exhibit in his own home. Each Miione is numbered, certified and authenticated with Jocelyn’s signature.





Jocelyn presents MiiOne, the water hydro generator

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Stefano Ianne

Stefano Ianne presents MiiOne

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MiiOne , Water is life

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MiiOne Project
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