MiiONE Project

The most incredible experience ever tested in the market
with the highest growth trend in the world!


All MiiOne products are certified by skilled workers

The experience is completed with an incentive wealth distribution, at the top of the market. Once you are part of the MiiOne project, you can access your personal account and participate in the MiiOne activity with other people who, like you, have decided to change their lives. You can access the data of your personal organization, the added products available, personalized training courses. You can also participate in many initiatives in favor of the Earth’s health organized by the MiiOne team. To join the project, you only need to purchase one of the products present in the MiiOne store. Once the purchase is made, you will receive an identification code with which you can access all the MiiOne services and documents, including the Economic Profit Plan.

How important is the training?

The MiiOne project delves into all the information that is generally difficult to access , but which is necessary to have a complete idea of each specific sector in which MiiOne is interested. To do so, a group of experts will be at your complete disposal in the training field at various levels, organized by MiiOne and reserved exclusively for people who are part of the MiiOne project. In order to carry out the MiiOne activity, training is required and free of charge. Each grade achieved entitles the advancement of learning level. MiiOne wants to make sure that its informants are always up to the task. MiiOne training dates are available on the home page. By joining the project it is possible to access your own personal account and immediately verify the level of training you have access to.